Relationship Building

Effective Communication

Communication is the basis of all relationships. Our communication is stimuli that enables us to develop and strengthen with relationships others.

Initiate designs communication skills programs which help people become more aware of the stimuli they provide and how they can adapt their communication to sell, develop greater empathy, build consensus and resolve conflict. Our programs leverage practical techniques in the area of communication that deliver tangible value to participants. If you would like to learn how we can help you and your colleagues to become more dynamic and effective communicators, contact us.

Meaningful Meetings

Meetings are integral for people to work to achieve something together. Yet, it’s not uncommon for virtual or face to face meetings to end without delivering any clear value.

Initiate can help people overcome the challenge of ineffective virtual / face to face meetings by creating a targeted program to help your colleagues learn how to elevate the standard of meetings. Our meetings skills programs support people to create purpose driven, interactive, well-structured and results-oriented meetings. Contact us to learn how we can help make meetings in your organization more valuable.

Powerful Presentations

One of the biggest challenges for anyone is to speak in front of a live or virtual audience. Most people struggle to connect their message to their audience.

Initiate’s tailored presentation skills programs support people to become more powerful, confident and focused presenters. Our aim is to help our participants create motivating messages that stick with the audience. Our virtual and face to face training programs emphasize telling a story, voice, body language and spontaneity. Our presentation skills courses are designed to provide a supportive learning environment where participants practice, receive positive encouragement and then practice again. This is the secret why most of our participants see positive changes in their presentation skills before the program ends. Contact us to find out how we can help you transform the way you present.

Team Building

In today’s working environment, teams need to come together quickly and work effectively towards a common vision and goals. Unless a team learns to work together effectively, they won’t succeed. Initiate’s team focused workshops use a variety of games and exercises that mirror the working world to enable teams to learn to work and grow together as a team.

We tailor each workshop to tackle current opportunities a team is facing in order to empower the team members. Our workshops target important team skills such as team planning, information sharing, balancing individual versus team goals, building trust, consensus seeking and conflict resolution. By the end of the team building, any team will feel energized and prepared to tackle any challenge or opportunity they face. Contact us if you want to discuss how we can help your team to get to the next level.