Performance Management

Enhancing Self-Efficacy

Most Managers talk about “empowering” their employees. Few know how to practically do it. Self-efficacy is a practical way Managers can positively influence their employee’s ability to achieve their goals. People with a high level of self-efficacy have a strong belief they can influence a situation in order to succeed. As a result, people with a high level of self-efficacy approach challenges, goals and tasks in a completely different manner than those with a low level of self-efficacy.

Initiate trains Managers with proven ways they can build self-efficacy within their teams. The concepts that we share with people leaders are practical so that they can implemented and have a positive impact. If you want to help your Managers to help their people to feel truly empowered to succeed, contact us.

Maximizing Performance

One of the greatest challenges Managers face today is to meet their performance goals and objectives while motivating their employees to do the same.

Initiate develops programs that transfer the necessary knowledge and skills to help your Managers maximize the performance of their employees. Some of the key modules we can design for Managers include: how to give feedback, training employees on-the-job, the performance appraisal discussion, SMART objective setting, motivating employees, how to delegate in an empowering way, and managing under performance. Our programs are designed to impact the way Managers relate to their employees to positively influence their performance. Contact us to find out how we can tailor this program to your specific Managers’ needs.

Ownership Coaching

Coaching is one of the most powerful skills a Manager can develop to increase the level of ownership and performance of their employees. It is also one of the most challenging skills for anyone to learn and develop. Most people consider coaching as teaching, directing or explaining. We work to expand on this concept so Manager’s understand what coaching really is.

Our coaching program is focused on helping Managers develop the skills necessary to help their employees learn to develop greater levels of ownership for their work. We enable Managers to learn how to encourage their employees to use their own mind to explore their own situation, develop their own alternatives and create their own clear plan of action. In this case, the Manager becomes a facilitator to help their employee to develop their own solutions. This helps a Manager transform the way they lead their employees to success. Contact us to learn how your Managers can empower their employees to take ownership.