Sometimes the situation is only a problem because it is looked at in a certain way. Looked at in another way, the right course of action may be so obvious that the problem no longer exists.
Edward de Bono

Often teams become so focused or involved in a problem, it may be difficult for them to think out of the box and find a solution. Facilitation is a process that helps groups of people to step away from the problems they face and look at them with a fresh, new and different perspective. This often leads to the discovery of innovative solutions.

Facilitation can strengthen your team
As experienced Facilitators, we leverage the knowledge, skills, and expertise to draw out solutions to help your team evolve and deliver better results.

At Initiate, we work from the basis that the ideas people are most committed to, are their own. Based on this, we design virtual and face to face working sessions that are stimulating, interactive, energetic, promote full participation and most importantly produce actionable results.

We have experience facilitating meetings in the areas of strategy development, marketing plan execution, co-operation between teams, team building and project management.



The planning and running of an in person or virtual conference is a challenging task. Initiate supports clients to ensure their virtual or in person conferences stay on track in terms of preparation and during the event itself. We support the organizer to help clearly define a conference theme and clear objectives.

We then work with speakers to prepare their presentations and workshops to ensure they are well structured to deliver on the defined objectives within the established time limits. We also work with speakers to practice their presentations and give them feedback so they deliver an impactful session.

During the conference, Initiate plays a dual role. First, we act as the main conference Master of Ceremonies to provide a seamless link between the conference organizer and participants. We communicate important information and agenda updates to participants, introduce speakers in a professional manner as well as lead participants to and through different activities.

Second, we ensure the conference remains on track in terms of timing and organization. We are always work behind the scenes with the conference team to ensure the necessary virtual and in person set-up is prepared on time so that all breakouts / activities run smoothly.

Learn how we can work together with you to put the pieces together to create a memorable meeting or conference experience