Initiate: A Training & Development Company

Initiate is a training and development company focused on the most important resources in any organization – the human resources. If organizations aim to succeed in today’s challenging work environment, they require employees who are engaged, motivated, and skilled. We work in partnership with organizations to create innovative and personalized solutions that link the organizations’ development needs with individual participant learning interests. These types of solutions have the greatest potential to make a positive change in employee performance.

Initiate offers 4 core services to clients:

  •   Training
  •   Facilitation
  •   Coaching
  •   Assessments

The word “initiate” is synonymous with the type of products and level of expertise we bring when working with our clients.

Initiate means:

  •   To introduce to new a field, skill, interest, or activity (enlighten)
  •   To cause or the facilitate the beginning of (instigate)
  •   Bring into being (originate)
  •   Take the lead in the development of (pioneer)

Our aim is to be a ‘spark’ that offers new and different perspectives in the field of human development in an effort to stimulate people to learn how their current beliefs and behavior impact their performance as well as discover new theories and techniques to improve their performance.

Initiate’s Assessment Tool:
Expectations Forum

In his breakthrough book on management entitled “First, Break all the Rules”, Marcus Buckingham emphasizes the importance of manager’s setting performance expectations with his or her employees. Otherwise, the manager will “always be off balance…between enforcing rules and enduring too much chaos.” This is an inefficient use of a manager’s time. Initiate’s online assessment tool called Expectations Forum, is designed to promote expectations setting between a manager and his/her employee(s) so that employees know exactly what is expected of them.

The Expectations Forum helps a manager and employee become more aware of specific performance expectations and current gaps in performance. This new tool provides a printed report which forms a basis of dialogue between a manager and employee to help the employee gain insight into his/her performance relative to the manager’s expectations.

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